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Gopalpur on Sea Orissa Tour on Bike

Driving the NH5 with the cool breeze in the early morning, amid sleek layer of Fog on the Bike is one of the best way to explore , your destination place in India. As per the statistics the Indian Roadways are 85% complete with the standard roads, the villages in the interior India is also well connected with the Prime Minister Sadak Yojna Roads.

NH5 Road Drive

NH5 Road Drive

On the way from Cuttack to Gopalpur on Sea we passed many of the tourist attraction places like Barkul and Rambha on the Shores of Chillika Lake. Crossing Chillika Lake rim with the picturesque scenic beauty of lush green mountains is memorable one.

NH5 Road Drive

We had our stop overs in regular intervals to make us comfortable. Stopovers were ment to have water and food that we carry. Someone who is an avid bike traveller , must have known the relaxing moments when having the water splash on the face after a long drive and a cool breeze from the mountains, touches the just washed face in the glaring sun. We do had the same experience on the whole trip, enjoying every single turn of the snaky new National Highway, passing by the Trucks and Lorries that carry Food and essential commodities through out India.

NH5 Road Drive
NH5 Road Drive
The first Impression on the arrival at Gopalpur on Sea beach area is splendid for the very reason of our trip. A small gateway at the Sea " Swarga Dwar" the Gate to the Heavens is one of the architecture you first see on reach.
NH5 Road Drive
NH5 Road Drive

As it was noon and we are looking for the foods before the place to stay. Though we looked out for some of the hotels facing the beach but found out the most of theme were occupied and those we were heard of from the websites and Google searches were not to the mark. As per the example the Hotel kalinga is charging about Rs 550 to 1100 rs for double occupancy , but the rooms were too stinging with the smell of the human waste , coming from the outside , just in front of the sea beach. So we decided to have the accommodation at the Panthanivas.

Panthanivas at Gopalpur on Sea is beautifully located, huge open space to roam , Flowers and bushes to enjoy the evenings. But we didnt find any room vaccant for us. So we took our much awaited, Stomach crunching Lunch at Panthanivas resturant (Rice, Curd, Chilli Paneer, Dal Fry, green Salad ) .

Just beside the Panthanivas is the Youth Hostel with a great building architecture and We had our stay confirmed with a nominal fees of Rs 100 ((Rs 50 /bed) . The Hostel is governed by the very Disciplined Mr Panigrahi, who is very Cooperative and helpful.
NH5 Road Drive
NH5 Road Drive

The Dormoratory , we took for our stay is well furnished with Bathroom, Wash Basin, Miror and Latrine. The Sound of See and the cool breeze from it can be enjoyed by opening the Sea Facing balcony Door. From the whole Gopalpur area that we experinced, I would recoment the stay at Panthanivas and Youth hostel as the best , for its Location and service.

NH5 Road Drive
NH5 Road Drive

Snacks in the Evening : Vegetable Roll and Paneer Pakoda with Sauce.

Dinner : Sweet Corn Soup at Swosti Palm Resort
: Roti, Paneer Butter Masala at Panthanivas Resturant.

DONT'S at Gopalpur at Sea.

Do not Walk on the beach : Human waste and its stinging smell make you feel bad.
Do not stay at hotels with beach facing : Reson same as above


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