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The Right Foot...pain reinvented

While sitting and working in the DC ( Development Center) as we called it , I feel the pain in my right foot.Suddenly realised that my right foot fracture(a year back) area is been hurt , while I was stepping down from the local train at Kurla , junction.

Then I left DC to get a checkup done on the leg while asking the Doctor on phone about the same. Due to the ongoing Curfew at NERUL and most of the NEW Mumbai area the situation is even more worse , that except trains ( Life line of Mumbai) no vehical are on the road. Anyhow managed to reach home and had taken pain killer , which eventually makes me relaxed and had a deep sleep.

Current Song:: "tere mere milan ki yeh raina" -Abhiman
Current Mood : Relaxed a bit!!
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Double Yield from SRI Paddy Cultivation Technique

Here is my First Experience with the SRI (System of Rice Intensification) technique in Paddy Cultivation. From Documenting most of its growth through out last 3 months is amazingly feel good for me. 
In August we used single grain to transplant in a distance of 12 inches (though recommended 10 inches apart). In the Traditional cultivation the Distance is just 3-4 inches between the seedlings of Paddy while rowing. -see Picture below(left). The Results were astonishing , as for each single grain Produced an average of  900+ grains and that too without the use of any Chemical spray, fertilizer and insecticide. (Only Cow Dung Manure applied Prior to Rowing the Paddy ).  YES THAT'S IT !!
Again the Best Part is This year is without Rains and Water scarcity is all the way. Still the After Effects of SRI Technique Works brilliant .. Check out the Image Below: 
NOTE: The Real Assessment- Result will be done after Harvesting finally in next 20 -25 days.

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Right Now the Images Below form the Fields taken on 20th August .

"Honestly - Farming is more than Coding - Its the Abundance of Oxygen, Water , Nature - and close to my Heart "