Dhanush DIY for Ramayan Play for Children

While the CORONA Lockdown is on, The Serial Ramayana makes a mark in every person, even the children's here in India.
Ramayana Bow Dhanush Making DIY India with Bamboo

The realization of the fact is that they have already seen Ramayana several Times on TV but not as satisfactory as they are seeing it now on Doordarshan.

May be the Simplicity of the 1988 Ramayana by Ramanad Sagar is best for them to Understand.

The Kids insisted to create Ramayana scene, And I had try it out with creating 5 Bows and 20 Arrows with the help of Bamboos, Jute thread and Cardboard Papers from the Amazon Purchased items package materials.
Take a Look at the Video Below  on How its done .....
Children Playing Ramayana in India with Bamboo Bows

The Making Of Ramayana Bows and Arrows from Bamboo (Video)