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WHO made special Website on Coronavirus Disease

Seeing the Epidemic of Corona virus Disease , World Health Organisation Has come up With a Complete Website To Educate People as well as keep updating on Factual News.

Because the Social Media is filled up with rumors and fake news its a very legitimate way to reach people.

The Link :

For India Link

Incredible Love & Affection Story - Must Watch

Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film for Father and Daughter A Story of Love untouched by anything , even the seasons of GOD , is a remarkable depiction by Director Michael Dudok de Wit.
Its a Classic Example of Story telling through Visuals & art work. Amazing , Awesome and Incredible the Short Film here

One Comment Describe the Whole Story :
So Dad leaves and daughter returns year after year without his return.She is an old woman and finally walks out to where she finds Dad's boat where it had sunk so many years ago. It wasn't that her dad didn't return because he didn't care.It was because he had perished. She lies down inside the boat ruins and herself dies. In spirit she is a young girl and now sees her Father who is in spirit and they re unite. Death is the great equalizer.

Ancient Indian Knowledge to Modern Science

This Documentary takes us to the in depth Knowledge into the common techniques used from ages by Indian People, that had been the path for Modern Science Adventure & Research.

Its the Ancient Indian Scientific Ideas that is still exists and is abundantly seen through out India

A Documentry to Watch Out For the Roots of Science and Technology in India ,  that Western world hardly appriciates.

What is Nothing? Niraakar Brahma(Sunya) (Jim Al-Khalili)

Thes is an extraordinary Explanation of Nothingness, Its an story told be well documented and demonstrated ideas of Past and the modern history.

Though the same Nothingness : is well proofed in the Ancient Indian Mythology as :Sunya" or "Niraaakar Brahma" .. This Documentary Shows its all .

A Must Watch Documentary for people want to Understand Physical World better .

Hum Ko Tum Se Ho Gaya He Pyar Song

This is One of the Best Composed Song with 4 Legendary Singers of India. Kishore , Mukesh, Rafi and Lataji.

Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge--Full Length