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The Year 2004 and the Prediction

The Future Prediction in 2004 for 10 years  It was late in 2004, I mean 18 years ago that I watched a small Video named EPIC 2014. (see below ) It was during the days of working for  Media One, DIGIT magazine, and  Typei that friends and colleagues discussed a lot on its presentation and future prediction.  The Video actually resonates with the future vision of technological giants namely Microsoft, Google, and Amazon as the Powerhouse by the year 2014.  Today almost 18 years later, when I see this video it makes me think of the creator and his perfect Prediction except for some like Amazon and Google don't join as predicted.  I had a talk with Gopal yesterday and referenced this video, as the Work from home culture flourished and Companies like TCS and Infosys are making it a norm, while the Projects work is distributed to multiple companies, unlike the regular way to get from a single company. What is your thoughts on this please share in the comments below :   ..
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Imli Plant

  Thr Delicious Imli Candy made out of Imli and Gud(jaggery)

Black Gram Seedlings plant after 5 days

 Its just 5 days now that the seeds of Black gram Variety is spread over the fields with little moist soil.  The Result is great with new plants been sprouted out of Mother earth. From Dosa to Idly , from Rava Dosa to Medhu Vada or From Idiyapam to Kali Dal Tadka .. this Black Gram makes Indians healthy eating .

Ladoo - Indian Sweet and Wood Mushroom

Coconut Plant Care - Black Gram cultivation

 The Coconut Plants keep alive in spite of intense heat waves as they stand strong for the last 1 month without water. The Field is full of weeds, so apply one round of Tractor tilling and soil aeration. Kids Love the natural environment for the reason that they are tempting also that it attracts childhood instincts .  Checkout Mango tree plantation here   or the Mud Creativity Play here Custard Apple Plant watering and Compost Manure setting  

Dolo jatra Mangoes and Moringa

 The First Mango of this Season, The First batch of Moringa / Drumstick, and the Famous Dola Jatra of Cuttack. these all became a part of life.

Mud Play Inspiration kids and Paddy Fields