Current Music: "Aye kash ke hum Hosh main Aane na payen"

The last day off 2003 gone with the blast of joy and thrill. We had the Dinner area with players....wao the Biriyani,Snakx............ The Whole night went great. Crakcers ,sirens,songs,bikes and all the sound stuffs....

The sms messages were not going (trafic Jam ) . Jayan says " Kya sabhi ko aaj he sms bhejna tha...pehele koi sms nahin bhejta tha kya" when we reach the resturant no place to sit all are full even we cant stand atleast."

Some off the discussions gone to our Culture heritage ,some to the future which hold for the generations to come, Discussion on the validity of Horoscopes and the songs that makes us calm and even makes us to dance.................alll may we are dreaming.

Dream what you want to dream, Go where you want to go, Be what you want to be......Because we have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do!