Life is decreased by 365 days & the cute girl

Regardless of anything its terrific. I saw her while she started gazing towards me, with in just a second i noticed her through my left eye corner. with in a minute we r looking each other without noticing anything, and i am addicted to her activities. Ok Ok I really admit it ,no its serrious. she bowed her head and looks as if she want to come near. After pausing a while I waved back and she also replied back with a wave. And then it really happend that she smiled which is very cute.I mean it. things turn and her father called her, even then also she is like teasing me. hey it s really adorable when u r 2-3 years old and express ur self very efficiently like this kid. dont laugh ok

Current song : "koi kahe keheta rahe"
Current mood: "jumping "


Love begins with a smile,grows with a kiss,ends with a tear.
When you were born,you are crying and everyone arround you was smiling
Live life so that when you die,you are the one smiling and everyone arround you is crying...