Too busy in my Projects. Cant make to get my blogs update. So what I do frm 2nd Jan to 6th is just a summery:

Saturday(3rd) : Me and Suresh Had a vist to Times Of India Office and meet Pooja. enjoyed barista Coffey and then to Gateway for a beach drive.
Sunday(4th) At Jayans home as he called me to gift me the diary(2004) and pen.
Monday(5th) Whole day on Project Desk. Started my Diary writing.
Tuesday(6th) Project Desk and then some realax at last. Had a chat with "SU" after a week.

And also the Finalisation of our GOA trip . The stay schedules and site seeing by GODFREY, and all other coordinations by Me and Sohel. Thanks to Timely Schedule by Godfrey and Sohel. And thanks Jayan for the Fabulous Gift.

Current Music " Akele hain to kya gam hai" frm QSQT