Saturday Sleeeepppppp zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wake up early with a intention to get fresh up and then return to bed..Ya thts wt I did, Fresh up have cool bath and hv little breakfast and went back to bed for a saturday sleep.......after browsing through Bombay Times for 20-30 inutes get slept and woke up at around 5.45 pm when my the door bell rang.

It was mohan and Suresh, anyway i had a 5 hour of sound sleeep. Naren and Jayan also join at my room after 6pm. Suresh went for his odd ofice time at Wipro,Mohan and Jayan went to see the Film SeeBuiscuit at Jayans room, Me and Naren to the nerul station for evening snax and then back to some experiment on the new Linux System.....

Run Microsoft app in Linux...wao.(.Net Framework)
Setting up Network.

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