The weekend went faboulous.

Cricket Fever : India defeted Pak in with just 5 runs, in KARACHI.Wao wt a match to watch. 349/7 with Rahul Dravid missing his century(99),and a great innings by Sehewab(76 off56 balls).This match have all the recipies you can think off in Cricket ,Astonishing Catches,Sixex,Runs and over all the Crowd of Karachi, never we seen such a crowd with such support for the game not for only the Country.

Went out with Jayan for the search of his Room to Sanpada.

Saturday also have the privilage to watch Shankar Mahadevan and otherCine Singers on stage at the DY.Patil College.

Jitu became the COO of, a great news.

Current Song : "Dil Chahata hai"
Current mood : "Tough to think"