Greatest regrets

Its June first week ,the week which reminds me of one of the REGRETS I have, First I just got the news from home that my 8 year old Pet "Moti" died ....OH GOD why I am not there to see her, I saw her in November when I was at home, so much innocent ,Every time I call home My mother call her and she starts barking innocently to the phone making me feel like she is telling come here come here.......ufff (Zindagi Kaisii hai Paheli???).

I remember June 2nd 2001 morning , while I was in NEPAL,supposed to see the King Birendra, and On 1st of MIDNIGHT he with his 7 family member died in the bloodiest massacre. I was stunned to think of anything...

Current Song: : "Koi Kahe keheta rahe..DIL CHAHATA HAI"

Current Mood : "Shocked"