Highs and Lows

Feeling tired a little, worked whole day on my ongoing Project of AICC conversion. The busy go round is all set on me. Some factors in life do make a impact in our life and Certainly did , when u get those after 10-12 years.

We all have emotional highs and lows, it's part of the human condition. For most people the highs aren't a problem, but
feeling low can sometimes take a real hold on us. These are the times when we need to make a conscious effort to
acknowledge our state and to take action to shake off those negative feelings.

I discovered that writing helped me to re-frame my state of mind. I began by simply writing down everything that came to
mind. I was effectively "dumping" all the internal chatter and dialogue and that somehow helped me to release those
negative feelings.Once I had externalised my negative thoughts I then felt a need to fill the silence that I had created with something more positive.So, where better to find a positive spin on any situation than from an inspirational and motivational quotation? Quotations provide us with access to the thoughts and reflections of great minds.

Current Mood : "Off"
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