Trip Cancelled

The awaited Trip of Matheran Trekking is cancelled, Suresh make a disappearing act without letting anyone of us knowing it,

Jayan with his workload...and finally the Heavy rains in the Matheran Hill make us to declare the Trip Cancelled. 

Went to see the Film HARRY POTER Part III at IMAX-DOME but Bad Luck again congratulates us with the HOUSE FULL TAG. 

Suresh get the ticket of AAN- The men on Work. The same Gangster vs Police Story on Mumbai.. Comeback to Vashi, 

Went to Center One Plazza where Siddharth join us. Had Pizza-Veg-Delight at Pizza Hut before exit out of the Mall. \

Current Song : "Dil kya Kare.." 
Current Mood: "Sleepy"