The Vacation Diary....

After i reach here in Cuttack I gave a surprise to all ,as I have told thjem of I am comming on 16th of july and I reached on 12th. Sometimes its good to have such a surprising time with u .what i realised tt first  my younger brother Jishu get shock while seeing mee as he didnt get time to prepare/ make my Bike to its original condition....ha ha . On the same day he drive the bike out and return by night 9pm ...after doing some tweekings to the bike before I could ask him of the same .  So amazingly i got the point and just keep myself mute till i get the bike into my control.. The first day to my Revenshaw college ,were i have to meet out Botany Proffessor and all the teachers.....badluck struk me so i manage to meet only two Proffesor and Vice Principle. They have a proposal of building a Alumunni so we discussed a lot on the same to be execute in abut a time of three months .
2nd day I went forUniversity but on the way get a irressitible zolt on the Highway and I had to puss my bike to a nearby garage for repair....the meantime i was lucky to find a cybercafe to timepass.
Now its a regular routine to get out of home by 11-12am and meet atleast one-two of close friends and relatives. Too much type of dishes to eat and even went to my Boss house were I was attacked by all the Kids(9kids)...My earlier boss were 7 brothers and all of there kids njoy a lot with after 1 year they were like crushing me "why r u not coming ....u r bad not remember us..." after alll they are kids......I am Busy person naa....ha ha. Oh on my birth day (14th) lots of relative were in our house and njoyed a lot with all my cousins. Went to the nearby temple for the prasadam and meet my old friends.. its really nice evening with some of the friends we meet near the River basin.. No floods here but sad to get the news of Bihar in Situ,Tikubhai,Ranjit,
Also Fill up the passport form and will submit it on tomorrow. On tuesday have the tooth filling and on wednessday schdulle for the Puri Jaganath Temple darshan.
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