Zumbish.....Dil Dhoondta hai

Heavy rain in the morning keep the atmosphere fresh with cool breeze ,leaves dancing with the charm of there own, childrens njoying walking on the fresh -shinning road, rare view to watch in Mumbai.

Its a holiday for our team,as they all devoted there last saturday to achive the deadline.Except 2-6 of the members all were njoying the holiday.Todays Schedule is bit tight even I didnt come out of the last two days Trauma..trying hard to get rid off it..but it comes now and then.

AndersonDavis Flash version course sent off today atlast. Somtimes its good to be alone ..you could understand yourself better.Reached the thirteenth chapter of the Thriller-Adventure "Maneater of Jassapur" by duff hart davis.

Current Mood: OFF BEAT
Current song : Yeh Sham Mastani..(kati patang).