Hazaron Rahen Mood ke dekhen::

No matter what walks of life you travel u will be sure of one thing... that hope is your dearest friend . There is nothing left to tell.All of a sudden something goes wrong and you were in a middle of JinX. Everyone seems to be sccatred arround. but .Two good news from Pri(varada ) regarding her confirmation on addmission to the IT Branch makes me happy.
From Tuesday its a regular practice now to have a morning meeting of our Technology and Backend team at sharp 10.am The day went as usual with hectic schedule and deadline to meet. Ashish and Zubin working under Ronnie on a Remote Flash integration system, and getting amazing results. Tanmoy ,Saif,Nikhil and me are on the samlearning project.Everyone of my friends are fine. Jayan left just an hour before to Kerela by flight for his arrangment on the upcoming marriage. Jitu reach mumbai today morning and sms me of his arrival. On my call back he confirmed that he will stay for only a week hear and will be back to Kakroli(Rajesthan).Vicky is in Puna and scheduled to come on Sunday to meet all of us. So hope to see all our friends on Saturday night so that we could get for a outing on sunday.

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