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A meeting with Jitu Movie And Outings

Saturday: Went to VT for a walk around. With me is Sani and Jitu . 

Jitu is here in Mumbai after 3 months and he will be here for a week. 

Went to see the movie ANACONDA: the Blood orchid at Sterling. Not a movie to appreciate in any class of Hollywood. 

Had a walk through the Lamington road to Purchase the novel :Hitch Hikers guide to the Dogulus Adams, ..luck seems to be far, and only I could manage to see the second part of the book at a book store. 

On asking the store person assure me that he will anyhow bring that book by Tuesday. 

Had an extensive talk with Jitu while enjoying the VT Dinner at a nearby Restaurant., had Veg biriyani,Hakka noodles,Ice cream,Falooda etc

Jitu purchase two books One the Limca book of world records and another on the A short History on nearly Everything by a British writer. Bill Bryson.

Return home by 11pm. Again Viky cant make it to Mumbai in spite of all the commitments. Hope the next weekend will favor him. 

While we went to see the Anaconda movie at VT , SureshMohan and Naren went to see "Phir Milenge" at Meghraj, Vashi.
Meghraj Cinema hall Vashi

The reviews from three of them were contradictory where Naren crushing himself saying " Bekar time waste hua " , Suresh appreciated the movie in Full " Are Sahiii tha "  and Mohan in a balanced view saying " its Ok anyways 

Jitu come with me to my room where he joined Naren, Suresh, Mohan. .....Slept at around 2am while discussing on different matters


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