Its Saturday , the movie day. Woke up late at 9.30 am and scribbled my diary with happenings went this week. Reach Chembur at Jitu's Place had some discussion on his innovative Ideas on SEO, and how to implement it. Went for the movie VastuSastra, (A Ramgopal Verma Movie,his banner now became know as FACTORY Production..litle humouristic).
Apart from being the next level in Varma's scare-fest, "Vastu Shastra" directed by the talented Saurabh Narang, is also very interesting for its casting. It stars Chakravarthy, whom Varma introduced in his first Hindi directorial venture "Shiva" and later cast in the title role in "Satya".The child actor Ahsaas Channa who's going to steal the show in what promises to be the most chilling Hindi film since "Bhoot".

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