Heartbeats Unknown::

Unfortunately I Have to restrict on a serious matter untill May2006 . All done and decided mutually and will be in a line of understanding, till I return back to Bhubaneswar.

Gone week news
Siddarth and Sohels Birthday.
Jayan Come back from Kerela after marriage.
Abhiram also reach Mumbai and will be here at his Naval base for sometime. (his birthday on 29th )
Suresh Purchased a new Laptop(COMPAC 2200 Presario = Rs 45000/=).
Narendra joined with Bimal UniKrishnan Company named Visual Studio.
Mohan enjoying his holidays in Chennai.
Ronnie Marriage Party attended.

MOVIE: :Lost in Translation: Scarlet Johanson, Bill Murray. Humourstic and Scarlet Johanson looking awesome.

Current Mood:Optimistic
Current Song : Vande Mataram (Revival A.R.Rahman)