Google's Future.

ITS the Year 3088 more than 1000 year .....FUTURE webmasters.
  • 1996: Brin and Page create BackRub, starting the era of modern search.
  • 1998: $1 million is raised in funding to start Google.
  • 1999: Google has 39 employees watching the 3 million daily searches.
  • 2001: Google now offers several country domains.
  • 2002: Google introduces the Google Web API, flirting with developers.
  • 2003: Google Answers lifts searching up to a human level.
  • 2004: Google removes blogs from a web search.
  • 2004: Google whacking gets low coverage during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.
  • 2005: Google adds a costly "speed-submit URL" option.
  • 2006: The Google cache is ruled illegal by US law because it violates the federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Google has to remove it.
  • 2007: A US court decides that Google Images violates the copyright. Google removes it.
  • 2008: AllTheWeb is getting better and allows complex searches.
  • 2009: The GoogleBot (ExtraFreshBot) is now fully indexing most webpages (and file downloads) every minute, causing heavy server traffic — people start to exclude Google via robots.txt.
  • 2010: Google introduces Pop-Up advertisement.
  • 2011: Google doesn't catch up with new search technologies.
  • 2012: Brin and Page officially resign this year.
  • 2013: Google now features graphic ads on top of every search.
  • 2014: AllTheWeb buys DayPop.
  • 2014: Google, using its Geolocation feature, starts to heavily censor content for certain countries. Entering "Hitler" at returns zero results.
  • 2015: Google buys the Yahoo! Directory and removes the DMOZ Open Directory Project.
  • 2016: Google is successfully sued by Microsoft for spidering Windows Servers. Also, Internet Explorer 9 won't allow accessing anything but MSN search.
  • 2017: Fire in the Googleplex destroys most of the hardware and research papers. Luckily, no person is harmed.
  • 2017: A Stanford linguistics Professor implements Google semantic search, the results of which are seemingly random.
  • 2017: Google's main sponsor is now the NSA, who change their name to "National Search Agency".
  • 2018: Google goes public and enters the busy world of stock market speculations.
  • 2020: AltaVista buys Google Inc.
  • 2020: GoogleVista introduces a pay-per-search scheme.
  • 2021: turns into a Flash-based shopping portal.
  • 2022: GoogleVista sells user information collected over the years to third parties. New York Times reports.
  • 2023: People protest: GoogleVista is shut down due to online privacy issues.
  • 2024: Brin and Page create a new search engine, Dooogle, which does nothing but search for Dilbert cartoons online using their newly patented DilbertRank. Amusing as it may be, Dooogle flops.
  • 2038: The Web is infested by spammers, wild speculation, fake news, conspiracy theories, urban legends, retouched photos, copyright-breaking material, nudity, and online pranks. People around the globe give up online search and go back to books, newspapers, magazines, and plain old face-to-face communication.
  • 2051: Google is officially a footnote in Internet history books. The elders who knew it refer to the early 21st century as the "golden Google age, when information was valid". The younger generation doesn't understand.
  • 3064: An alien race discovers the Googleplex ruins, turning it into their new church, worshipping lava lamps.
  • 3088: A giant meteor is approaching earth at deadly speed. The last blog,, covers the story. The site stays unread, resulting in the termination of the human race and most animals. The cockroaches survive. 

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