Given Resignation !

YEah its the time to say a good bye, Its the time to Quit.On 21st I had submitted my Resignation letter and decided to quit after 1 month.

Dear Ronnie,
Please accept my resignation effective Monday, August 22nd.
(Exactly after One month)My two-year tenure at TYPEi, has been the most challenging and rewarding period of my career,and I regret having to make such a difficult announcement.
I feel very fortunate to have been associated with JDM.Both you and my associates in TYPEi have taught me a lot,what's more, I've come to regard those I work most closely with as a second family.Honestly I have enjoyed working with you and have learned a great deal.Thank you for all your help and your many personal kindnesses.
My experiences and training have been invaluable, and I leave with many pleasant memories.


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Anonymous said…
You know me.and frankly,I just
went to the new page of your dairy
which you wrote.but I still have to go through the whole pages.
But why have you given your RESIG-NATION??

Let me tell you,you write with
your heart and that's the best thing to do when one is writing a don't go do come back and
share your wonderful thoughts with
your views.