Watched "KALYUG" : A movie with some social concern: $58 billion PORN Industry. One could watch to see some change of track in Indian Cinema!
Thumbs up for the song in it : " Tujhe Dekh Dekh sona.....Zia Dhadak..Zia Dhadak .Jia dhadak jaye.." by Rehat Ali Khan!!!

Well its 26 minutes past midnight and am working on a ASP.NET Project related to Web Log analyzer. The best part of this project is that I am implementing the AJAX concept.
Ajit and Rajesh Shiffted to there new Rental Room at SANPADA. After A hard talk with the HR persons in JDM(Jasubhai Digital Media), I got there confirmation mail regarding My Cheque , which is pending for the last 3 months.

Current Mood: Sleepy..ZZZ
Current Song: Rang dey Basanti..


Vidya said…
Hi Saum!
H r u? From 2mro my xam starts yar.Yet 2 start studng,. Thats y no updates in my blog.Wel,l be litl far frm my blog til jan2nd.Tak care n keep in touch.Bye4nw.
Vidya said…
Hi dear,
Thanks4 ur wishes.......