I am getting Married

"Getting married" a word allways heard like your friend getting married, your uncles son getting married, your cousins getting married, your college professors daughter getting married, Brad Pitt and Angelina jolie getting married, Amir Khan(2nd time) and Kiran rao getting Married...It was always someone else who got married. Suddenly This time , its other way round, I am getting married on Monday, 3rd of July 2006. The Date itself makes me think that the responsibilities are just in front of you and you have to be there to pick it up. At home preparations are in full swing. As the saying goes " Everything has its Time" , I Am glad to accept the time with the responsibilities coming on my way.

I am leaving Mumbai today at 2pm to Cuttack(my home). I hope to make myself free to blog and free to think.

Wish Me All the Best ..

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Anonymous said…
Hi Somu:
Wishing you loads and loads of Joys and Happiness. I am so happy that you're getting married... I hope you get everything you've dreamt off!! Have a great and happy married life & yep smile alwaysss!!
Oh! I forgot to mention... you're write really well. I had no clue about this blog of yours. Its great!
Anonymous said…
hey Saum,

Congrates and all the best. You didnt told me about this before, anyway I found it..accidentaly. Enjoy and keep smiling.

-- Sm
(u understand)
Anonymous said…
dude, itz been 2 months sine u've updated ur pic...and for heaven's sake, remove that sad pic of urs!! - McGun