Left foot fracture

after a long time , i mean after 1. 5 months, i am here to share my days. Got married and here i am , still the same still alive , still with the air of freshness.
It was on the 7th of july , the day of our wedding reception, I got a severe left foot fracture while getting down of the baramda. Got the plaster for net 22 days and after a 2nd x-ray yesterday it was found out that only 10% of the fracture got healed. anyway will have to continue with a new plaster for the next one and half months. Getting realy bored at home coz nothing to do accept seating, eating and sleeping. Even the laptop got some problem and i am unable to get online. Listning a lot ofd music thru out the day and do a lots of chat with chinu on the songs we hear. I know it was something diffrent feeling when u r listning to the music u love and u r enjoing it with ur life partner :).