Tune up !!

Its long since I touched this blog. Nearly more than 2 months now and I am waiting my turn to get into serious programing . Ater I returned from Cuttack , Orissa .. was running (not exactly...was trying to go fast with the walk rythem) . It was the time when i was not at my best of moods and was really touching high on the matter of searching a flat near Nerul. Daily zig-zag with Estate Agents and having a look at Rooms ( some are with decent locations and some with the tag ... the insecure). Somene who is staying rental ,here in mumbai must have the fortune to get entangled with these agents , who are more intrested in there Commissio rather than finding good Room for you.

After a waiting of 9 days I got a room , just upstairs of the same building were we stay all these hectic days. O 10th Sept I got a breakthrough by having a Gas-Cylinder from a nearby Friend(just 2 days b4 i met him...Mr )


Anonymous said…
Hey Saum !, kabhi kabhi Relaxation itna jyada bhi nahin hona chahiye. Congrates for the room and keep bloging. Hope to see more lines out of your mumbai..

keep smiling.