Closing On

I am doing my best to make every bits and bytes at my Workplace(e-paranoids) , to be on roll. 
Things are coming with many complexities, but its going to be more entertainer in future. 

As I had finally decided to Leave Mumbai, and Back to Pavilion ,  the activities at Home and Workplace got multiplied.  

Packing Stuffs for the Train and Getting all basic necessities, align with Jitu and Friends . 

Mumbai is and always be the place of warmth in my heart. 
" Zaara Hat ke Zaara bach key ...yeh hai mumbai meri jaan " 

I had gained more than anything , that i can dreamt off , The Friends of lifetime , the Freshness of India in Business capital , the Knowledge of Sharing and respecting others, the Busy life , the fuzzy Life and the Sea of Change since 2002 , like the entry of Reliance Phone , The free incoming calls , the Gmail id creation rush, the AdSense revolution from Jitu, the evolution of CMS, specially WordPress, The Sensex, MCX, The Everyday life in the Mumbai Metro, the Vada Pau , the Malls of Future and the Skyscrapers...... 

Today I got up early and after a small workout , took Rice and Dal in Breakfast.
For the last 7 - 8 Days most of us at eParanoid were having our Lunch at Jain Mandir, Chembur. 
The Food is very nice and even with less Oil.


Jinesh Mohini said…
Yeah We still remember food at jain mandir..come to mumbai..will have it again