TV News Channels - The Havoc Generator

Through out the past 3-4 weeks I , like any other person in India , we were bombarded with news  " that The World will be Destroy by this December - Its the Last date of Humans to Live " --  the News of destruction, the News that the human race will going to die and that we will not live any longer extra extra.  

Its the havoc TV News channels like the India TV, Aaj Tak , Sahara and Star News who were in the Run for there respective fame for a news which is much crispy and tasty for the TRP ratings. 

These Channels make a big issue out of nothing like that issue and started discussing on the Panel of expert( Some time I doubt the very credibility of the expert as Some one is a scientist in some research and some from the Astrology gurukul, who never give a specific answer, never guide on the issue but just go on talks with a questions, pause for the commercial breaks, and than continue with the next phase till the time exceeds for the next episode. 

The marketing strategies are dangerously crafted and they never think for a while for the Public , to whom they have already misguided. 

First the Ultimate end of the World on 21st December 2012 according to the Maya Calendar. The Fact that no one single organized country or renowned Community follows the Mayan Calendar , than why this type of stories on the News Channels with a misguiding attitude and a sense of making public havoc? 

Secondly the testing of CERN particle Physics Experiments News even get modified towards this type of Fakenews too. 

The Large Hadron Collider(LHC) in a mission to get an insight into some of the unanswered facts of the universe, the very existence of us. But the Media  News are creating havoc out of it for there commercials. 

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