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TECHYOG : Connecting the Dots

Well its been nearly 2 years , that I started TECHYOG, from the grass, from the mud , from the village "Kadampada" I proudly belong to. It all started with the passion, initiated by the Desire of creating something unique, Determination to achieve the Ultimate and the Dedication for that desire, which stands out in the shape of TECHYOG.COM.

Now its a new turn of events when, Techyog will go on making its new venture , to the offshore Website Development and of-course with the new workforce. I am really happy to look into the past, as said by Steve Jobs " You can Connect the dot Looking Backward not forward".

With time , the desire to build more creative work starts showing result , which that enforces to make it Perfect.

And today I met with Dr. Sreejoy Pattnaik(M.D Shanti Memorial Hospital) , on the Website of Shanti Memorial Hospital, and I was happy , that he liked the design. (Sometimes your dedication sounds loud from those who appreciate it)

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