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A Close Encounter with Nature ! Copperhead Cobra Snake

It the early morning and the kitchen is as usual being washed up for the Sunday breakfast . My younger brother spotted a sudden hissssssssss hiisss while picking the Maggie packet from the kitchen racks. With in a second , to his surprise he spotted a snake with the dangerous alarming Hissssssss. Quickly he act with a available utensils to make that snake realize the fact that its the kitchen for our Maggie Breakfast , and you are not invited.

Well the Snake was too smart to react and within a sudden vanished out from the place , where it was spotted. The very moment, the fear of seeing a snake and not knowing in which part of the small kitchen its now, is banging the reactions to take next. With in a while my Cousin who come fast to pair with my brother and started searching for the invisible . After they tried hard for atleash an hour , they saw a small hole in the corner of kitchen , and with the clear conclusion that the snake went into the small hole they just packed it up with little brick.

On the whole drama , I get aware , when I saw Chinu , unusually out of Kitchen and on my request for the breakfast , got this snaky news. Its really fascinated me for a second and when I asked Jishu , he told it might be a king cobra , he saw his attacking and dangerous pose. While its hard to believe , for the mere fact of there extinction with human interference , like that we had on the Indian Tigers.

Simply I get an intuition to make an effort to save this snake, but how? Whole area was buzzing with people getting prepared to beat the Snake to death by dragging him out of its temporary den. Its really hurt to see people making such bold attitude for these hostile animal. With in half an hour i come of with two constructive things . One , distract people on the matter, two to make a way out for the Snake. First I created the small snake capturing bag , while remembering on the National Geography and Animal Planet snake encounters, and much to my own surprise I buil a fairly good one. (Thanks Animal Planet and Nat Geo). People around me were seeing the making of this and believe me I was really frightened to be delegating something I never did in my whole life. Its the first intuition and the passion to save a life that's is on this creativity.

Next is the most difficult and the reality show part . With two more kids Baliya, Raja and Kalia( Age between 16 -19 as they are more interested in the whole episode as they were just mummering Nat Geo Snake encounters with each other and , here they have a chance to witness the real drama.) I went on to the encounter.

With dangerous and thrilling sequence , It took us nearly 50 minutes to get the Snake Out of the hide, and that is a big snake and its the King Cobra, But we didn't get hold of the snake into the bag ment for catch, meanwhile all the kids ran into the far safe place while all the people shouting with "hey its not going to get into the bag" its sounding dangerous and I was literally trembling without getting anyone near me with one hand keeping the bag towards the Cobras, Dynamic Shifts and flashing the torch on the other. Its get intence in the whole kitchen , that both of us were in there own mode, The King is showing the power while I was strugling to catch him wit to and fro attempt, avoiding the sudden attacks , and luckily I saved myself twice, within those near end encounter , resulted in I captured the snake on my handmade catch bag with a snap tight of the rope . even after the catch I was literally trembling with something I can say the fear. (ashamed though i finally cached it up).

The next I did is get my camera and asked my cousin to drove to the Kathajodi river where we can release the Snake and get some snaps in the open . There is a small video for the snake release and than I tried the attempts to make the closest snaps I can take. Finally its over and I took some of the snaps , which confirms it is the King Cobra, before it vanishes into the bushes making me more than happy and a smile i can see on one of the close up snaps. Might be the King Cobra captured my face as in the books of Indian mythology. Whatever it feel its the best that I encounter with Life. I will always cherish this moment of saying adieu and will remember my whole life.
I was in relief , And truth is I love what i did and on my return its a feeling that is great , feeling very Lite, relaxed after a 4 hour ordeal, and mummer " kisiki muskurahatho pey ho nisaar .... kisi ka dard ley sake tau ley udhar... Jeena isi ka naam hai."

Take Care...


Jinesh Mohini said…
u became the bear grylls for a while..its good but take care in future..

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