Meet Friend at Mumbai

A Meet with Avinash after nearly 6 years : at the Ashram of Maharishi Avinash, 12th Floor Heaven
Thank's to Aparna for those Delicious Punjabi Aaloo Pratha's and Dahi.

Yeh Mera Deewanapan hai ..ya mohabat ka kasoor : Ajit at Marine Drive Mumbai
Jaamwat is most favor Character in Ramayana - for Him. O Naadan Parindey Ghar aaja- The Song mostly played by Jitu . Unthinkable things happen in his mind, Listen one song   nearly 50 times to set his appetite for music,

Jinesh Bhai (Right) with those Active Smile- Always in a Mood of Joy .

"Kuch tau Kasish hai iss Mumbai Main" - There is something very interesting in the air of Mumbai ! 


Anonymous said…

not 6, we met after 8 years Mahamuni...

and you know what! it was a moment i would never be able to explain in words, but easily in tears.

wishing to make this happen again, sooner than soon.

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