Kale Megha Kale Megha Pani Tau Barsa

Its the Monsoon time and in India its a celebration for all. Monsoon Brings Joy for the Farmer as well as the People of India. Monsoon Dresses and Cloths are fashion on the streets of Rain. The Monsoon cat walk. Of-course at least I love to call it like that. The Snap of My Village Fields Awaiting the Kaale Badal .....Thanks for Bollywood to providing so many Monsoon songs that we have to sing all the way to our Paddy Fields.

" Kale Megha Kale Megha Paani Tau Barsaaoo, Bijoori ki Jhankaar nahin boondoon key baan chalaaoo" (Means oh Dark Clouds pour us with the rain water , send us the arrows of droplets to our fields instead of banging the sound of Lightning .)  Film LAGAAN