Meeting Ronnie, Tanmoy, Samir, And Zubin

Finding Friends after 11 years is tough, but not for the Mumbai Ones. Its morning I was getting down at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station , When I saw Zubin walking on the other side of  Platform 1 - Harbor Line, I shouted ZUUBINNN.. and in a moment I fell down from the Stopping Train.
 The fast moving Mumbai Local Train regular traveler are used to this type of uncertainty and within a few second some of them helped me to stand-up. This doesn't make any difference to the Calm - diligent - slow walking Mr Zubin.  

Its a long long 11 years now that I am seeing him , Without wasting any time I rushed to the opposite 
side of the platform via a U-turn , while pushing many on my way.

This time I shouted  heavily "Zubin.."  and it works  - Zubin is right in front of Me  surprised ... : OHH AAARE Kidher hai tu ..... Somen "  - -Zubin said..

Suddenly We are in talks of the Past from the typei /JDM Cubical, on Enrique Iglias father Oligo Iglias Songs that Zubin had referred me in 2002 . Talks on  Ronie, Tanmoy , Ashish Padave, Nikhil etc.

After a 20 minutes talk I promised him to Reach His Office at Vashi , to Meet all of them in the Evening . 
At around 4 pm its Heavy Raining And I get down at the Vashi Station , to walk a little and reach Ronnie's Office - FocalWorks.

Meeting Ronnie and Tanmoy after 11 years - My Mentor to Online fundamentals of Software. Still using the same to learn and excel. The Editplus, FTP, the RegEx and SamLearning Projects. I swear the feeling Nostalgic meeting Ronnie and having the Jadhu ki Jhappi , The Moment is really unforgetable !!   And there is Samir , who is too addictive of Jokes in Type-i days , takes me to his Cubical and had a great chat after a long time. We had a Talk of Kiran " whom I missed to meet "

R-L : Tanmoy, Zubin, Samir, Myself and Ronnie