Tirupati Prasad Restaurant Nerul Navi Mumbai

The Days of 2002, 2003, 2004 are Memorable ones for us as Friends , met in MediaOne. We use to take our snacks, lunch, dinner very often in this quite and South India Tiny Restaurant.

Naren,Jayan, Abiram, Avinash, Vicky, Siddharth, Suresh, Mogun and myself get dowm to memory-lanes back to 2002 .

" वह  पालक की खिचड़ी मास्त थी यार "  Woh Palk Khichdi - hot with Aachar -- maast tha " - in Hindi Recalls Naren & Jayan.
" Hey Dont Talk About my Wife ....- shouted Mogun -- While eating Curd Rice at Tirupati Prasad " - Me and Suresh are Witness of its hilarious moment . 
" Our Favorite Raju Bhai .... will Smile always and serve the Food with many Questions about each of us..." - Missed him this time , as he left the Hotel years back - Said the Owner .
Palak Khichdi at Tirupati Prasad Restaurant Nerul in front of Station Navi Mumbai
पालक खिचड़ी @ Nerul Station Tirupati Prasad Restaurant

Owner at Resturant Counter - Tirupati Prasad Nerul

Tirupati Prasad Nerul Restaurant Menu
Tirupati Prasad Nerul Restaurant Menu

Tirupati Prasad Nerul Restaurant Nerul Navi Mumbai
Tirupati Prasad Nerul Restaurant FrontView Nerul