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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) experience

Here in this Article I am focusing on the Wound Healing and the use of  Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) system , from my experience as an eyewitness account.

How it all Started ?

It all started with a Wound that makes life stand still for many days of uncomfortable life and experiences.

The Wound is massive , in terms of its specification , social fabric and family emotions too. Its Only the First Time in 82 Years that Someone(Father) had taken Allopathy treatment,

According to him he is Living healthy till date , without Diabetes, without hypertension, Without any major Epidemic like the current generation is facing , inspite of his regular Alcohol intake for last 59 years.

Let me put it honestly first, that I am layman to Medical Terminologies, and this article that I have tried to write with more compassion, curiosity and composed after studding , analyzing and observing Practical wound in the past few months.

“It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.”
― Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy (American philanthropist)
While we did wait for the Time to heal up the Wound , it is a large wound and gone under different doctors to testify its name, Type of wound and treatments respectively.
Open Wound After Debridment 

20% Alburel Givin to Patient in need of Albumin Loss
Albumin (Alburel) administration 

Venous Ulcer Open Wound dead tissues
Wound get Worse with Time 

The Open Wound After Higher Antibiotics Administration

WHO is the Patient ?

A 82 years Old War Veteran of Indian Army , Who has serviced the nation in 3 wars :
  • Sino-Indian war, 1962
  • Second Indo-Pak war, 1965
  • Third Indo-Pak war, 1971

What Happens and How the Patient is Diagnosed ?

It all starts from Filariasis (as diagnosed first by the Doctor), then its Sepsis  to Venous ulcer.

Whatever be the diagnosis is , the problematic part is the Area of the Wound. One can clearly see the big open wound, that is filled up with white dead tissues. its takes long long time to heal up in-spite of  higher Antibiotics administration like Meropenem & Imipenem and cilastatin injection

As the Healing was so late - almost 3 months , of medication , doctor Visit, two Surgeries for debridement, and rising hospital bills as well as uncomfortable Hospital Stay , I looked out for the cause and issues related to the Topics.

That's how One of the Plastic Surgeon , suggested to go for VAC wound therapy. Which is the same refereed to NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy).
After 5 days of NPWT Wound is Ready for Plastic Surger

On the 6th day of using NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy). the Wound is clear of any infection fluids and ready for the plastic surgery, which was not happening earlier.

So on the very next day we consulted the Doctor and within next 2 days , Plastic Surgery done on the Wound area.

Something I understand from Internet Search:

My Journey to understand the Wound goes form Parasite to Bacteria. To know the basic difference between them is to read University of Rochester Medical center article here

As Per Wikipedia the Description states: 


 A tropical, parasitic disease that affects the lymph nodes and lymph vessels.

Filariasis is a parasitic disease caused by an infection with roundworms of the Filarioidea type. These are spread by blood-feeding diptera such as black flies and mosquitoes. This disease belongs to the group of diseases called helminthiases. Eight known filarial nematodes use humans as their definitive hosts.

Type of infectious agent: Parasitism

Venous ulcers

Venous ulcers are wounds that are thought to occur due to improper functioning of venous valves, usually of the legs (hence leg ulcers). They are the major occurrence of chronic wounds, occurring in 70% to 90% of leg ulcer cases.


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