Rooftop Solar Design Cyclone Resistance Cyclone Resistance

Installation of Rooftop Solar - OFF-GRID has done.

The Capacity is 1 KW supported by two 160AH Batteries (Eastman) and a 1KW 24 Volt MPPT Solar Inverter from Microtek.

While Designing the Rooftop Solar System, Many Aspects were taken into Consideration like the Optimal alignment, the Movable Factor to Resist regular Cyclones hitting our area and the Recent one - Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Fani (see here ), etc.

Also, the Design is made in such a way that, the Panels can be used as Study Table during the Night time. See here.  
Rooftop Solar stucture design - foldable cyclone resistance Odisha
Cyclone resistance designed rooftop solar in Odisha

On Paper Design for Rooftop Solar System - Cyclone Resistance Folding System