Farming traditionally

You hit or Miss the target .In Farming its miss than hit .

Missing the target means , you have to wrap up and do the same thing again and again. Since last six years I have been in to the Fields with 100% intuition, confident and yet doubtful of its upcoming results . THE HARVEST.

Every Harvest comes as the Result of your passion, your energy, your struggle and your motivation that you have put in the long long hard months of cultivation.

Till the results come, every second of your valuable hardworking efforts looks bright green, from the ground up. Avoiding Fertilizers as well as pesticides is more enigmatic while in the Fields

But it all washed away when it comes to selling . Be it to the local market or to the Wholesale markets. The Price never get friendly to the farmers effort.

For example 1 Kg of Dhania Plant we sale at Rs 5 to 6 Only (Nov 2019) to the Wholesale market  while the same is been sold out by the shops @ Rs 25 to Rs 35 per kg within some hours .

While you may think , that you can sale at the same price, the truth is you cant. its really that way .

Cultivating Coriander is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. It is also known as Chinese parsley, and in North America the stems and leaves are usually called cilantro.

The same story goes with Coriander (Cilantro/ Chinese parsley) , Potatoes, Cucumber, Bhindi (Okra) , Methi , Culliflower, Egg Plant and many more...
Purple amaranth (Amaranthus blitum subsp. oleraceusus) Kosala Saga (odia)
Purple amaranth (Amaranthus blitum subsp. oleraceusus) Kosala Saga (odia)
vertical Crop cultivation odisha
Bitter Groud(Momordica / Kalara ) Cultivation Vertically with the Support of Bamboo