Yesterday - its 29 Years Back

Yesterday, after so many years, I decided to visit the restaurant "Pabitra" once again. The memories flooded back as I stepped into the new location, knowing that the old one near Ravenshaw University, where I pursued my Botany Honours, had been shifted due to road construction. My heart swelled with emotions as I relived those moments.

As I entered, I saw Hadu Bhai, the owner, still running the place. Time had changed him, and he didn't recognize me after all these years. But that didn't matter. This was my moment, a moment I had cherished and carried in my heart for so long. I couldn't help but kneel down before Hadu Bhai, feeling overwhelmed by the rush of memories.

I wanted to tell him that I was the young boy who had once made a mistake and later sought redemption at his feet. But I decided to keep it to myself, for it was the experience that mattered the most, and I didn't want to disrupt the beautiful memories of that rainy day.

As I sat there, I reflected on the journey I had taken since that fateful day. Cuttack, the city that embraced me during my college years, had given me invaluable experiences and taught me important life lessons. The people of Cuttack, including Hadu Bhai, had unknowingly played a significant role in shaping my character and values.

In this bustling city, I had not only pursued my education but also discovered the importance of integrity, honesty, and kindness. I owed so much to this place and its brilliant people who had left a lasting impact on my life.

As I left "Pabitra" that day, I felt a profound sense of gratitude for the city of Cuttack and its wonderful inhabitants. I walked away with a renewed appreciation for the importance of facing one's mistakes, seeking redemption, and embracing the lessons life had to offer.

The memories of that rainy day and the conversation with Hadu Bhai remained etched in my heart, serving as a constant reminder of the person I had become and the values I held dear. Cuttack would always hold a special place in my heart, and I knew that no matter where life took me, the city and its people would forever be a part of who I am.