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Reliance BIGtv == Big Mistake == Big Problem

I prefered somehow BigTV on TATA SKY and that I was total wrong for my dicission. Truth to be told I never Purchased anything of atmost importance without proper analysis of the
Product. On the same trend I analysed three of the DTH and Find the Following. My Earlier
Post in my online diary , when I was really happy purchasing BigTV ....was totally wrong

DIST TV : Compare to the other two it has Low Clarity of Images and Sound.

TATA SKY : Everything is Perfect like Mr Aamir khan and it has one of the robust equipments, which gives a high picture quality and DVD quality Sound. Only that it comes with a Price tag more than that of BigTV and also doesnt give free months view offer like BIG TV.

BigTV : Everything that was in the Tata SKy was there , only the settop box quality is
little doubtful. But as its comes with a 3 months free offer and a price less than of tata
Sky I prefered it and the ovious reason that its a Anil Ambani Group for its continous Innovation and emmerging technology updations..

 So after the Purchase of BigTV I was happy with the quality of Picture and Sound , watching my favorite Discovery , Nat Geo, Star Movies, BBC at my village Kadampada. It was just after 3 mionths that One Day I realise that the signals are not comming and there is some trouble in the Antenna. I called up BigTV Customer care for the problem and they said they will send the engineer for the same with in 48 hours. Surprisingly there were no sign of any engineer and when i caled again after 3-4 days I was again given the same commitment and for my surprise it goes on for a total month.

No Engineer had ever came to my Place.Every time a wired excuse given like Address not Propper ( truth is no one ever called on my two contact numbers given, so saying just adress wrong is a totall lie. And as a proof after I confirmed my address on my 3rd Complain I am waiting till now for the Service engineer to come and its already 34 days now)

No Calls from the Customer service Department on my So many Complain Request( I hope BigTV is not a Pan ki Dukan , its a Coorporate , which has some, at least some best Practices), Even after I had Talks with the Seniors every time I called for the Problem.

The Hardest part of BigTV Customer care is that You have to explain everything from ground Zero each time you complain , (14 times I have done - Guess and hope whats the Frustration wasting your valuable time for this Bull**** BigTV)

But DEar Mr Anil Ambanijee, every effort of you as a young, dynamic and truthful corporate
icon is in near danger, or I would say in the vicinity of Extiction. Please have a look on the Customer Service People and there ethics and basically the vey system you put in for that. The System is total failure as it doesnt confirm Service Provided or not. As in my case twice I was tiold that the engineers had done the solution at my end, where as no one in this one month and three days did ever contacted or came for the service..( Please check
the Log Books of the Complain and do a detail investigating query, to get the truth out of

From My above experiences on the BigTv  I could say it has the Worst ever Customer Service to have, and that the People responsible for it were just the Liers and doesnt know the Value of the Corporate they are wrking, Doesnt have the knowl;edge of the best practices they have to follow, doesnt have that soul and passion to work in service industry, but yes they have all that need to make a great and Good excuses and pretending with a generous talk of Call center.

Answer for the Following Questions will set the Future:

Q1. If on the First Complain no Action was taken why the nxt Subsequent complains were

verified. (Solution  Verification )

q2. On a already arised complain why the customer has to speakup again and again for the same complain, wasting his valuable time.

q3. For the whole period of service unavailibility why the customer has to suffer (frustration and time loss) - A heavy compensation should me made from those who had done these wrong doings.

The Names and the Complain Numbers of BigTv with some of the Dates :

Complain number : 93707298,1936126,95555267,95927110........etc
Complain : No Signal , Signal Loss
Complained from Dt 26th March.....
Status : Not Resolved .....

Customer Care Heads Whom I had Talked on this matter :

RAkshan, Mahendra, Loma, Prashant, Raja, Mustaq....etc

Conclusion :

BigTV was a Big Mistake when it comes to the Customer Service rather After sale service. So try your Luck if you get wel of it.So Please don't even ask for BigTV if you doesnt want to have the problems for lifetime.Really very sorry for Reliance BigTV Group and Anil Ambani passionate venture. The decision is all yours don't bring home the frustration and troubles.

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Unknown said…
Dear All,
Let me introduce myself i am jitendra kumar working with reliance big tv in delhi if any one have any kind of problem regard BIG TV in Delhi and NCR kindly give to me my no is 9311197000 or mail to me
Ranjan Kumar said…
Hey this was great Post, in the sense that I do experienced the after sale service of BIGTV in my place "Bhopal" is worst and real worst. The customer service guys doesnt respond to our problems and all that we got is the frustration of waiting...

I too will lodge a complain in the consumer forum and hats to you Saumendra..

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