Apr 9, 2014

2014 After Himalayan Trekking Route Map in Hindi

2014 का सफ़र बहुत ही आशाओ  से भरा हअ हिमालय कि बर्फीली पहाड़ों से जो खूसबू निकल के आ रही है वोह अब तक दिलो दिमाग मैं बसा है।  ट्रैकिंग के तुरंत बाद हमारी टीम , इतिहास के उन् ऊलेखनिया रास्तों से अपना अनुभव लेना चाहेगा जहाँ से पुराने सिल्क (SILk ) चीन से भारत लाया जाता था 

2014 Himalayan Trekking After Route Map

The After the trekking Route We have to Cover. From Gangtok to Nathula (India China Border) to Kupup Lake - Elephant Frozen Lake, the Himalayan Village Valley of Nathang and Kalimpong Adventure with Wite Water Rafting.

Nov 1, 2013

IPhone 5S 5C Free Diwali Offer from RCOM India

2013 Diwali is to celebrate with iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C , thanks to the stunning offer from Reliance Communication (RCOM) India. Get the iPhone 5S with just a Payment of Rs 2,999 per month , for next 24 months contract with Reliance.

Pay Rs 2,999 Per Month for 24 Months and get iPhone 5S.

You get
  • New iPhone 5S Smartphone.
  • Unlimited Local Call
  • Unlimited STD Calls
  • Unlimited 3G Data
  • National Roaming
Check Out at Reliance Website . Though in the 24 month seems costly the Value of Connectivity (3G) and Calls seems good enough to start using worlds most wonder phone.


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