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Nandan Kanan Visit

A Visit to the Biological Park Nandan Kanan in the day time. HAd chosen to go late for the Visit , keeping in mind that the Park will be packed for the Peak Season which starts from December 25th to January 10th. Though we reach late at 3 pm , the Park was still Crowdy and one can feel the heat. Visited the Tigers, Bear, JAckle, Zebra, Birds and the Amphibians . Just misses the White Tiger Safari, which We will be going later in January.

School Chale Hum

Image of --- Jaga, Vicky, Baliya and Chandan Going to School My School days were gone and as everyone I too relish the memories of School days. There were Vikram Batal, Nanaha Jasoos and Malgudi Days on the Doordarshan. " Koi Lauta dey mere Bitye hue Din" -- Current Song: My Heart will go on and on - TITANIC Current Mood: Artistic

Potato Fields debuging

More Pics : Click Here Some of the Snaps were taken from the Potato fields in Kadampara, My Village. It is the first time I took those snaps after my return from Mumbai on 3rd November. I love this Snap of small Farm hut , which helps us to store vegetables and grown foods temporarily. Here in the Village I am enjoying the freshness and the peace of mind, though the temptation and soul of Mumbai is still alive. As someone said that Mumbai is one of the unexplored city always , even if you had spent the whole life in it.

WLL internet Connected

Today I got the connection from the BSNL , after a wait of Nealy one month. Surprisingly enough that I got the telephone bill for the month of November 2007 which includes the installation and Internet charge of Rs 750/=. The speed is very nominal and I could manage it for the work as most of the work will be offline and the mere use of Internet is required during the chat purpose , with the office in concern. As the time permits I will be more than Happy for the fact that My wait for the Internet connection is over and i could now give my best of time in shaping the future website development apart from the home Agriculture practice. Some how the mind is all set and I am desperate on my works. For the last one month the workload is so much heavy that I am really forgetting to eat enough water and my weight is drastically fall down to 55Kg from 58. Though the morning wake up time is as normal in between 5.30 am to 6am , I could not able to go for the sleep in a regular and a

Back to Roots Orissa.

Here I am , in my own Place, in my own vicinity, looking confused, thinking in the mist of options and still on my way to the ultimate Goal of archiving something near my parents at my Home. Sounds almost wired and foolish for the most who know me, yeah this is the first step I have to take I have to Consume . It was Since August 2005 when I Resigned from Jasubhai Digital Media , The hunger to do something of my own , something I loved and the willingness to be in the sight of my Parents, my Home and My Village. Since August 2005 , the most dramatic and the eventful happenings were gone, I joined Jitu(My best Friend) for a vision which will change many aspects of Indian Software growth, individually and thoughtfully. Vision of Jitu and the association with the team that He had developed is worth excelling. From the bits and bytes of his experience and the smartness is capturing the current technological advancement has really boosted my moral. In these 2 years of my association I reje


The USE INTERNET EXPLORER U DOPE popup with the text " I DNT HATE MOZILLA BUT USE IE OR ELSE.. " is a registry malware named as w32.USBWorm , which could be delete and solved by the Following Process. Remember : The Virus spread through the USB Pen Drive. So delete any .exe file and the autorun.inf file from the Pen Drive. = open the Task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL , go to the Processes Tab = Sort the image name Column so that you can find multiple svchost.exe , look for the ones which have your username and delete those ones. = go to Start --> Run and type C:\heap41a --> This is a hidden folder by the virus --> delete all the files under this folder - Now type Regedit -> press CTRL+F ( to Find) and type "heap41a" . On getting the results on the right Panel , Delete it. Repeat the Search twice with CTRL+F. [ Click "YES" on confirmation to delete] Close the Registry Editor. Enjoy Surfing with Firefox. Hurray.