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Smile Don't leave it undetected - its Infectious

S miling is infectious You catch it like the flu, When someone smiled at me today,  I started smiling too I walked around the corner, And someone saw me grin When he smiled I realised,  I had passed it on to him I thought about the smile,  And then realised its worth A single smile like mine,  Could travel round the earth So if you feel a smile begin,  Don't leave it undetected Start an epidemic And get the world infected. 

Freezing Himalaya Ultimate Trek India

Temperature below minus 7, its Freezing cold and the Canvas that pops up from the Himalayan Hights of Snow covered Ice crunching air is more than you imagine for a Coldie Heaven. Even the Devtas will love to shift from the blue Sky to here,

Meeting After 24 Years - KV Cuttack

Sometimes the seasons get late, someway or other we tend to be late in Office, in meetings, Seminars, Marriage Parties and even at the Airport or Railway Station. Its 1989 and the Air was little thinner than today. This time We all are Late for 24 Years. " किसी  नज़र को तेरा इंतज़ार आज भी है। "   Maine Pyar Kiya Movie is  rocking the streets and the love of everything from girls to ladies , from every single movie to the Science Series   "Turning Point" , From the Charachter of Swami of Malgudi Days to the "Shristi se pehele Saat nahin tha...chupa tha kya......." Vedic chants in Bharat Ek Khoj is favorite in time-list.  " The Song Ek Do Teen " from the Bollywood movie "TEZAB" is a hit. Pritimaya and I used to rhyme the song many a times. DD 1 (Door Darshan) is only Channel to say Premium and with a 4 hours of surprise channel DD2.  Volleyball and Football matches are most sought after as these are the only Sphere shape ba