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Himalayan Trek - The Best Ever

It all glorious and it all adventurous for me to be on the 8 days long Himalayan trekking , through the dense altitude forest covers. Slowly and slowly, I fell in love with this part of the World, which has given me a lot of lot of  learning about the Nature, the human endurance, the perfect climate for life. The Stars at the Top of those mountains are so brilliant bright with the Clear Sky and Yes loving Himalayas is so Romantic , that its infectious. The Landscape is stunning , if you can feel the Aroma , the Cold breeze crossing cheeks with the Coffey Sip, is the best way to experience these Images/Photos Below.


Republic Day India Smile

BOL Movie : A Must Watch it Yaar!

Watching a Movie on your small netbook, that too in the peak business hours is too drastic step. But the two and half hours of watching a movie like "BOL" is too dramatic and lets you in the story. "BOL" is a Pakistani Movie released last year in July and got real Box office hit in India and Pakistan. Directed very well by Sohaib Mansoor.

The film stars Humaima Malik,[2] Atif Aslam, Mahira Khan, Iman Ali, Shafqat Cheema, Manzar Sehbai, Zaib Rehman and Amr Kashmiri in the lead roles. There was heavy scepticism about whether or not Atif Aslam would be able to meet the requirements of his role when he was first announced as the lead

Dont miss this amazing peice of Story telling with the social drama in Pakistan.

RATING : 4star

Meet Friend at Mumbai

Mumbai Marine Drive Evening

An Evening at Mumbai Marine Drive

Barefoot College Tilonia Rajesthan Experience

"Man Can't be Trained  & You Do not Required Certificates for doing Passionately " - Bunker Roy . The words might be resonate the tough  stand of the Man , who built the Barefoot College in Tilonia , Rajesthan. He is very humble in making the yatris ( , understand the importance of Knowledge, specially Science to the Women (Mothers and Grand mothers). Without a doubt , the person who created a College for the Poor and made them Solar Engineer, is one of the most inspiring Role Model , we visited.

"There can never be a urban Solution to Rural Problem" - Bunker Roy According to the Bunker Roy , one cannot devalue traditional skills, which are more than any skills.

Patliputra Patna Nidan

We ,Yatri (Jagriti Yatra) are at Patliputra , the famous kingdom of Chandragupta Maurya, now PATNA . The Role Model Visit starts with the Presentation by Nidan. Nidan is the Cooperation based Social Entrepreneur , bringing empowerment to the Women and communities.  Inspiring like the "Mid Day Meal system by Nandi Foundation" .  Remember this is the Place where the great Economist KAutalia /Chanakya created an Emperor who conflicted the mighty Alexander to Go Back.
The temperature here in Patliputra is bit low with the Cloudy space, giving us the best of Joy  Ride :
Break Fast : Tomatto Ommelete, Churan Lunch : Puri, Aaloo ki Sabjhi, Lauki ki Sabjhi, Rice, Dal