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Three movies in a row

Yesterday the day of movies.Five of us friends (Godfrey,Jitu,Mohan,Naren and me),make a decision to meet at IMAX, its nearly 3 weeks after goa we are meeting ..Three films in a row... first two in IMAX,the Worlds largest film format in the Worlds largest dome theatre.Wadala. Watched "The Grand Canyon" and "The Mysteries of Egypt" from 4pm to 615 pm. Then we change over to the hall no 4 for the "Return of the King _Lord of the Rings part 3" . All the films we seen are og gigantic landscapes and of great imaginations. While jitu,Godfrey and Mohan are experiencing the IMAX effect for the first time, me and naren have the experience before. All were thriled when the camera trace over the Grand Canyon ,Pyramids of Egypt and the NILE river .Its a experience you cant imagine till u see it IMAX Experience . the screen is dome like planetorium and it stretch as high as 10 storied building.After film saga over at 10pm we have our dinner at a vegetarian resturant in


Here come the weekend again,time is passing like anything.Again a hectic week gone with the projects deadline coming close.Someone enjoying the Surround sound effect and some on there exam preparations.Cool for me also as seen 2-3 movies. Now heading for the Return of the King, at IMAX, and hope to see the Grand Canyon at the IMAX dome also. For sunday toatal sleep and sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so its fun at last Current music: Titanic barret Current mood : offensive

Safe ha h a

Good days come very slowly but the bad never waits for u . While getting down from the Mall KI just escaped a Hit from a car. Well it my fault more than the car driver. Be cautious next time.......will sure of that. Current song : "koi kahe keheta rahe" Current mood: "jumping "

time limit

Too busy ,and no time to get this blog updated. So updating this in late night hours while updating my own website. Website construction is really a tough job, which i realised now. Though the use of css made me comfortable , the designs were very confusing. now getting sleepy sleepy going to sleee.e...eep zzzzzz.

Information expands with time

Reworked uploaded with redesign of my website Knowledge Universe , Will be add more content and pages in the due course of time. watched a couple of movies this weekend. Yesterday very much hurt when i get a message from my best friend that a tempo injured the near by kid. Hope of a quik recovery. How careless are human race we cant even predict. current song : No song curent mood: "upset"


Current Song : "Sach mere yaar hey" Current mood : "acentric" "Sunte thee hum ye jindagi,Gam aur khusi ka mel hai,Ham ko magar aaya nazar yeh Zindagi wo khel hai ,Koi sab jeete ,Sab koi haar de,,,,,,,,,,,,," Even something is there in defeat, you can get a very fair perception of life and its path. Right now trying to Complete my website,Hope off getting it up by this month. Kunmun is now on Surgery Practice for next 6 months.


Current song: Classical "Hariprasad Chwresia Flute echo" Current mood : Sceptical Feeling lazy, but trying to make some two three lines . Had my lunch at Panchwati with suresh and mohan. mohan baugt a new "nomad" from creative labs and enjoying the 1.5 GB music. We are also waiting for the digicam which is on its way from Micheghan to mumbai for suresh. Yesterday Suni bought a new cell phone (c100) and is happy, but she doesnt got the blue color piece, rather the silver one.Sure she will now research on the new cell for two three days. After the lunch think of a movie but changed the mind when no one is intrested. well back to sleep. zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Velentine ha ha ...Aye dil hai Mushkil Jeena yaahan

The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm. - Swedish proverb Oh I wish i was in cuttack,my hometown on the !4th,would be having so much fun....hey no I am not expecting Flowers/gifts from anyone or not have anyone to give..ha ha, but browse lasst night for the "v" day cards.. its fun to enjoy these cards ...ha ha we are made for each other samjhe..ting ting ting. What u think , what u write comes from the heart and brain. Brains sends the message to the heart and it feels the value of that message and the hand makes it effort to write down it beutifully.Again the weekend comes and all of a sudden it looks somthing stops, for a moment .The week goes with tight schedule and shiftings. Many new things yet to learn.Siddarth went to kolkotta to attend his parents wedding aniversary. Current song : "Adayen bhi hain ..Dil hai ki manta nahin" Current mood : "Refreshed "

Shifted to the Upper(2nd) floor

Yesterday Atlast I shifted to the 2nd floor and get hold of the Asset management. With that also I got new project to look upon the elearning project for the the UK company. Too much hectic shedule, no time left to play Quake even. so saaaad. Nikhil lets me know all the intricracy of the Project and pass it to me. In the morning called up Jayan and after knowing he is unable to speakup even i stoped with little words. God bless him with all the recovery tools. Called up Abhyaji asking about jishu and his studies.Also called Chiky, as her exams were near on 3rd march.

Jayan return to home

Its a hectic shedule yesterday from morning. As two of the team member were absent. The Course integration and uploading done till 8pm. Though played Quake after lunch. Jayan got chikenpox and had to take care for two weeks which is not possible here. So a emergency Flight ticket booked and luckily got it, an a Air India Flight scheduled for 1.50 am. So me Suresh and Naren hired a Taxi to the Airport and sent him to his home. Come back to room after departing him and reach here by 3.30 am. Now back to office though late ... Current song : "Meri Madhubala" Current mood : "busy"

Experiences and Habbits.

What to do when you are deviating yourselves from the very basic ethics and regular features? It was 1 year back while pursuing career in MediaOne, I have certain regular habbits or can be said as the fundamental Practices from my school days. Like wake up at exact 5am, having bath,yoga then on to the daily workout, sleeping after completing all the days writings in the diary. Now things changed may be I changed. wake up so late, not writing regular diary pages, unscheduled works,,,and so on. Someone rightly said that " you gain experience on observing yourself and others " and " You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, "I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along." . . . You must do the thing you think you cannot do. " I hope that, will be regular on my blog updates from now onwards. Kunmun got her internship i

Cant guess any title .. Sometime it happen

Day ended after a tight schedule of works from ZDnet log reports, Assets and the documentation of Courses. Recieved some off the Pictures of Goa and is to be scanned. Oviously Played Quake for just 25 mints. Confirmed by Mohan that he will bring the classic "Benhur" today. The NASA robo on mars It was cold war in 60's when USA make a fool off all by displaying its fake videos on MOON landing. Now the turn is on MARS. May be Mars mission is right on its path ,coz of the european and russian have an eye on it,still doubts remains. Current song : "Darde dil Darde zigar" Current mood : Cool

Nothing Last Foreever

The heading of this blog is from Sedney Sheldons Novel named "Nothing Last Forever" which has 4 lively characters in it ,and the main character as "Peige Tylor , who is accused of killing patient to gain access to a large Assets" Why I am intrested in a topic like this ? It just come to me yesterday after I hear Jitu is changing his Job stream, forcibly or willingly ....Hope all the best of future for him.We do care of him very much and it like the novel that somthing goes wrong for a good end. Hope Goodness be there for whole life. Current Song : "no song ........" Current mood: "Not feeling well"

Remembring my School days on ICE

* There is a growing strength in women, but it is in the forehead, not in the forearm. " Beverly Sills Sen PAAP yesterday , good movie line and the songs were very nice. All melodram shooted in the lustourous himanchal Pradesh were I spent my School days for five years. The Snow white "Dholadhar Montain ranges and the Budhist Monestry " all fly near my eyes.. Hope I will again be at that Place in near future.