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Village Floods Report; First Account

First thanks to BSNL , who provided this Internet wireless facility , that I can write my Blog with the first man account of Floods around my village Kadampara . I am now sitting at home , ready to face the ultimate disaster . The Floods of Kathjodi river, the main tributary of Mahanadi River is going to come with in some hours from now. The Radio Warning on All India Radio is making all there best efforts to alarm the local public about the coming floods. Now at this moment of time , Most of the Mahanadi is flooded and we are in the waiting list, unlike railway tickets, no one wants to be Confirmed. Let me tell you that the 42 Mauja , or the Bayalish Mauja as we called is a island on the river kathjodi , consist of 42 villages in all. My village Kadampara is the 2 nd from the River basin and the most hard hit one if the situations goes worse.. With the birds eye view of the River Kathjodi , the River is already on the last danger level and we may face the Floods very soo

Serial Blast In Delhi

The Tendency to Cure is always lower than the Precaution. But when it comes to a Bomb Blast , like that happen today in Delhi is an exception. You cant possibly remove each piece of anti social in a democracy. If the Bombs are put in the Dustbins, in the Autos and on the corner of the Roads as reported by the Rediff News, no one in this world could have the solution or the Precaution on that. Only those who can understand the impact and with passion to live can make this World the peace ful one. With all these Serial Blast we learnt the fact that the roots of terrorism is on the Mindsent , not to any Country or there People. God Save All

TV News Channels - The Havoc Generator

Through out the past 3-4 weeks I , like any other person in India , we were bombarded with news  " that The World will be Destroy by this December - Its the Last date of Humans to Live " --  the News of destruction, the News that the human race will going to die and that we will not live any longer extra extra.   Its the havoc TV News channels like the India TV, Aaj Tak , Sahara and Star News who were in the Run for there respective fame for a news which is much crispy and tasty for the TRP ratings.  These Channels make a big issue out of nothing like that issue and started discussing on the Panel of expert( Some time I doubt the very credibility of the expert as Some one is a scientist in some research and some from the Astrology gurukul, who never give a specific answer, never guide on the issue but just go on talks with a questions, pause for the commercial breaks, and than continue with the next phase till the time exceeds for the next episode.  The marketing strategies a