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Tirupati Prasad Restaurant Nerul Navi Mumbai

The Days of 2002, 2003, 2004 are Memorable ones for us as Friends , met in MediaOne. We use to take our snacks, lunch, dinner very often in this quite and South India Tiny Restaurant.

Naren,Jayan, Abiram, Avinash, Vicky, Siddharth, Suresh, Mogun and myself get dowm to memory-lanes back to 2002 .

" वह  पालक की खिचड़ी मास्त थी यार "  Woh Palk Khichdi - hot with Aachar -- maast tha " - in Hindi Recalls Naren & Jayan.
" Hey Dont Talk About my Wife ....- shouted Mogun -- While eating Curd Rice at Tirupati Prasad " - Me and Suresh are Witness of its hilarious moment .  " Our Favorite Raju Bhai .... will Smile always and serve the Food with many Questions about each of us..." - Missed him this time , as he left the Hotel years back - Said the Owner .

Meeting Ronnie, Tanmoy, Samir, And Zubin

Finding Friends after 11 years is tough, but not for the Mumbai Ones. Its morning I was getting down at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station , When I saw Zubin walking on the other side of  Platform 1 - Harbor Line, I shouted ZUUBINNN.. and in a moment I fell down from the Stopping Train. The fast moving Mumbai Local Train regular traveller het used to this and within a few second some of them helped me to stand-up. This doesn't make any difference to the Calm - diligent - slow walking Mr Zubin.   Sensing a missing my time to meet Zubin , its a long long 11 years now that i am seeing him ...Witout wasting any time I rushed to the opposite side of the platform via u-turn , while pushing a many on my way. This time my Shouting "Zubin.." is unavoidable for the Person in front of me itself ::: OHH AAARE Kidher hai tu ..... Saa... men "  - -said Zubin looking surprised..
Suddenly We are in talks of the Past from the typei /JDM Cubical, on Enrique Igliaas fathe Oligo …

Finally Saw him Standing

He doesn't stop Wandering , He take the route of fun and travel with an incredible passion. Right Now he is Preparing for his next Route and I am traveled to Mumbai to Meet this enigmatic Traveller. 
While Travelling Turkey This June , He met with an accident , fracturing his leg severely. And lucky to be Accompanied by her brave fairer part "Swathi", taking urgent cal to action at her best to reach Hospital in Turkey for Primary Care. They Reached Mumbai to continue on Doctors Guidance including Physiotherapy.

After a Long I am Having Delicious Food - Khamaan and Roti Sabji at Chembur , Mumbai

Mumbai Street Dabawalas Kala Khata Veg Pulao Vada Paw and Many More

Meeting Subahu

Every Travel brings me close to nature , close to Friends and Dear Ones. Afetr 2003 I met Subahu at Raipur Station On m Trip to Visit Mumbai this time.  
He seems to be keeping a dashing white hair looks , brings the Dahi Samosa for the moment of taste. The Energy He had is still Vibrating as always amazingsubahu.