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Windows Holograms impressive technology

With Advancement of visual technology, here comes another type like the Google glass. With the New Windows 10 Operation System Microsoft, comes up with the Windows Hologram glasses that will redifine the way you think. What will Windows Hologram Will Do: Windows Hologram is a new way to see your world. Holograms are the next evolution in computing. With this vision in mind, hardware, software, and user design engineers came together to create a new canvas for creators and developers. Microsoft HoloLens, together with Windows 10, introduces a powerful new holographic platform. The era of holographic computing is here. What Type of Device is Windows Hologram  The Microsoft Glass is powered by Windows 10 with the Next-generation technology enabled. It has the following Key Features that's impressive: No cords, no phones, no wires, no tethers. Transparent lens and advanced sensors allow you to see your world and move confidently in it. Lightweight and adjustable to