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Showing posts from May, 2005

Type-I Movie Day

Its a Movie day for Type-i Team. Its the largest gathering in Typei. Went to movie "Kya kool hai hum" .....feeling too sleepy so will put the review and fun part tomorro:

Media War in Mumbai!!

.... Its going to be a Media War DNA (Dainik Bhaskar Group and Subhas Chandra's Zee Network ) were all set to lunch there NEWSPAPER in Mumbai, the Strong hold of "Times Of India". Again there is one more entrant "Hindustan Times" coming with a bang in Mumbai. Lets wait to watch!!!! Current Mood: "Moody" Current Song: " Tum itna kyun muskurarahe ho!!"

Missing Home Food !!

Preasure of current Project avoids updating this blog! cant help. Trying to make it update after every 3days, lets see. Its hard Dust! , Its the way far , Its the destination seems other side of the mountain. Missing food made by my mother, a lot. " Chuiin Bhaja, Kosala Saaga, and haraada dali" (these are the name of the dishes in Oriya and its to tempting enen top name them). Watched two movies in last 20 days. "KAAL" One of the worst movie I ever wached!! , Thanx to over hype of the songs and Promo's in ZOOM Channel, People can easily realise, how you can fool yourself. "The Blue Lagoon" : Watching on my PC I was mesmerised by the way this movie is directed, the way it has been dipicted , Its awesome, A masterpiece of Love and affection, presented with great care and value, showing stages of human pshycology. (A sensuous story of natural love.). Current Mood: Calm Current Song: Soon you find me !