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Himalaya Mountains Formation History The Monsoon and the Future

One of the Mysteries that I often came upon is the Himalaya itself. While Trekking through the Mighty Himalayas for, Last 9 Years ,Like most trekkers I too have Experienced amazing Flow of energy in these vast Stretches of River Valleys, the Flora and Fauna  Eco-system. From Dholadhar Western Himalayan to the Eastern Ranges in Sikkim , every bit of breathing is full of freshness . How the Himalayas Formed ?  This is a Very Good Documentary on the Origin of Himalayan , the Monsoon effect and the Erosion that may bring Himalayas to its History.  Do Watch this A Well Studied, Researched Geological Findings on Himalayan Mountain Formation Documentary.

Myopia (Nearsightedness) Documentary by DW with Research and Prevention

An Insight Story on the Epidemic called MYOPIA is very well documented by the DW team.  This Documentary Covers the sudden rise of Myopic (Nearsightedness), Eye specially in Asia and Other part of Continents. With the Solid extensive Research from Experts , Scientist , the Findings in this Documentary are Worth Watching.  If you are Myopic(Nearsightedness), This Documentary Proofs the Use of Outdoor Activity , Specifically the Sunlight Day as the Best way to Prevent it. Even Taiwan is the First Country to Implement the Open Sunlight Day Out Activities in there Schools, with Positive Results. 

Majority Works Against Laws of Physics

While in today's Scenario, the Quantum Physics have been struggling to Answer many Questions, Nature Itself is a testimony to Many Answers. Its Really Interesting to Acknowledge the Fight Between Two of the Most Revolutionary Physicist of Modern Science Namely Bohr and  Einstein : Read it Here the Interasting Story : Nature Runs its own Laws that Human could read its Manual. While Sitting near a Wall , I noticed this event of Struggle, Push to Limits and the Laws of Gravity Being Deified. In the Picture taken from my Mobile Camera , The Black Big Ant is Struggling to make his Mass and Gravity To Work but the 4 red Tiny Ants are managing him to Drag towards the Ceiling, with ease Defying all the Physical Laws of Newton and Einstein. Love to Watch the Secrets of Nature with the Quantum Quest in this Episode : A Must Watch to Understand something : And this