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POEM Surgery at DMRC

I was Diagnosed with the Medical Condition called Achalasia. Unable to intake food or water since July 20th. After some Medication and consultation at SCB Medical I got to Know about the POEM surgery Procedure, which seems Promising for me.  So, I avoided the Open surgery, and instead find out two Doctors doing POEM Surgery in India. Dr. Amol Bapye & Dr. Amit Mahdeo. So, When i contact Dr.Anmol on Phone, I got the appointment for Oct 13th. Which i booked and Reach Mumbai on 13th. (Helped by Jitu with Online Tickets as well as the reach the Hospital at Pune from Mumbai. Surgery took 2 and half hours.   Achalasia The difficulty for food and liquid to pass through the food pipe into the stomach. This condition progresses gradually. Rare (Fewer than 10 lakh cases per year in India) Often requires lab test or imaging Treatments can help manage condition, no known cure Can last several years or be lifelong It occurs when the muscular ring (lower oesophageal sphincter) at the end of the f