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wake - up - sleep - wake up

This weekend went with a adventurous note . Its saturday and i woke up at 9.30 ,refresh up , had biscuits, again back to sleep...zzzzzzzz. Woke up at around 2.30 pm. To avoid myself getting into sleep again I decided to roam somewhere ,so I set out for a small trip to Hazi ali. Don't know what happen then and when I reach the destination I suddenly realised that I am in Santacrutz bus stand....hmmmm Its a bad idea of a trip after woke up......At around 7 pm I reach back to my room. Called up Jitu who is on its way to Ravi's Marriage at Delhi. Brijeswarji is also joining him at Delhi told me that Ravi is very upset on the way most of us cant make it to his marriage. Sunday is pretty okay with a good sound sleep and a comedy movie ( HULCHAL )at IMAX. The first hafl of the movie do have some very good humor which is totally absent in the second half. The typical South Indian image in the movie could be easily identified, just cuz its Priadarshan's hand-out. Curren

Boring Saturday

Saturday went as boring as i culd think off. No one to talk ...just watching TV and then sleeping for a while...again woke up and then a sleep goes on and on . I went out of control when i realised that someone detached the Cable in our building which makes the TV without any signal.... I came out off my room to check the Connection hub and wondered when I found a man messing with our cable.... I bashed him up hard with some of the slang words which i am very sorry to use ... what happen to me...dont know..its a damm stupidity . Well India played the with careless instinct loosing game at eden gardens against Pakistan....All points to the yougster SAlman Butt...horrific Saturday..hmmmm. Current Song : " Lets make a night" .Bryan Current Mood : " Refresh"

The Pianist

Watched the first part of the Movie " The Pianist " after i downloded . it,Again a movie based on World War II .Its a awesome picturisation with a wide angle view on the war memmories. The second part of the movie is on the way to download so waiting for it. "Its rare to have both our festivals (IDD and Diwali) at the same time, hence a double wish from Priya and Hakim " . This is the sms sent by Hakim..its true to the fact.Just then only i realised that they have inter-religious marriage ah Thats really great to know. Current Song : " Silence" Current Mood : " doubtfull"

Night falls..Happy Diwali

The Night falls and the sky seems to be dark and its 6am in the morning ...we ( Ronnie,Tanmoy,Nikhil and Me) are still in the office on the Project Sam. The Simplification of a complex workflow is done by Both Ronnie and Tanmoy which makes the staying-late fruitfull. Its a Diwali Gift to all of us ! the process now onwards will save huge amount of Production time.Atlast we done with the objectives and let ourselves relaxed for the next three days of holiday.Happy Diwali to all. Curent Song: "My happy Ending by Avril" Current Mood: " Sleepyyy zzzzzz"

Kerela Trip Planned

Jayan,Sohel,Sani,Me had planned for the trip to Kerela on 24th December. Its Jayan's Marriage on 26th of December and i am trying to figure out how many of us will make it to the venue!. The Tickets will be booked before 22nd of this month. Its decided that we will stay there for 3-4 days and will enjoy the lush greenary of kerela ,The Backwater boating in Alleppie,we will also go for The Elephant safari in the jungles of Periayar National Park . , So on the Paper its fine we have to wait till 24th December when we will enjoy the theory ! ha ha. Current Song : " Madhuram Jeevamridum...."Malayalum song. Current Mood : " Thrilled ......hey hey "

Project Comeback

My old Projects comeback for some changes in it. They are crucial for the Project to get a green Signal. Worked out the statergy - implementation with Ronnie and Praveen and re-installed the Docent Server to check wether the Project Course goes fine or not. Today I called up my home and had a talk with Papa and my mother too. They were sad to know that i am not coming home for this Diwali but I too have no options left here. I promised them that i will go during our Village Festivals and Holi in March end. Current Song: " Its a damm cold Night" Current Mood : " Off Beat"

New Month New Day New People

To start with Its November and suddenly I realised that We were into the season of Winter , Hey were is the cold gone????????, its Mumbai (ZARA HAT KE ZARA BACHKE YE HAI MUMBAI MERI JAAN). Many new things added on this first day My mobile number Changed. Our New Project Server get Activated,Downloaded Four Music Albumbs of Avril Lavinge . After nearly 2 months We had our Monday Meeting where everyone from the Company were present.Its a Meeting on the issue of Diwali Celebrations on 9th. The Organisers were there with the schedules and the Plans, so the meeting went quite humouristic and ended with a Final note from the CEO. Current Song: "Tujhse Naraz nahin Zindagi Hairan hoon main" Current Mood: "yummy yummy" (Doesnt know what it means)