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HUM TUM show

Inspite of deadline we set out for a break ...A break from regular office routine.. Thankx to Trptti who formulated the stage for this break. Some times its strange but great to experience things that is diffrent...Like we did yesterday by SKIPING all the Project work,replacing office hours with a jon de vou.... huraaaayyyyyyyyyy went to see film HUM-TUM . Actually we started off to buy tickets for Harry Potter , then to LAKSHYA and at last end up with HUM-TUM. The Theatre choice start from Meghraj -to IMAX - then end up with CINE PLANET Sion. Out of willing 14 members only 10 ( Trptti,Sutapa,Harsada,Salakha,Viren,Chandu,Irfan,Hari,Tridib and Me ) made up to the Film . Four of them setback. Reach late by 20 mintues..but njoyed a LOT after my GOA Trip in January. The Movie is OK with Cartoons Character, "And they lived unhappily ever after"....could well be the tag line to Kunal Kohli's 2nd Film."Hum Tum" treads that titillating line between gender war an

Highs and Lows

Feeling tired a little, worked whole day on my ongoing Project of AICC conversion. The busy go round is all set on me. Some factors in life do make a impact in our life and Certainly did , when u get those after 10-12 years. We all have emotional highs and lows, it's part of the human condition. For most people the highs aren't a problem, but feeling low can sometimes take a real hold on us. These are the times when we need to make a conscious effort to acknowledge our state and to take action to shake off those negative feelings. I discovered that writing helped me to re-frame my state of mind. I began by simply writing down everything that came to mind. I was effectively "dumping" all the internal chatter and dialogue and that somehow helped me to release those negative feelings.Once I had externalised my negative thoughts I then felt a need to fill the silence that I had created with something more positive.So, where better to find a positive spin on an

Bussiest Week::

One of the bussiest week I had, No MSN, YAHOO, rarelly get to check my mails..Still on my Project Desk grilling AnderSon Davis course from ASP to a client based javascript and Convertin it to AICC compliance course. I do like the Project cause its the first project of its kind. Thankfull to all my friends out here ( Ronnie,Ashish,Irfan, Zubin,Raffique,Saif,Nikhil ) without whome contributions I culdnt be able to do it. I am waiting for the upcoming movie " the TERMINAL " ::The Terminal was a film I was greatly looking forward to. I’ve always had an affection for Steven Spielberg.while I would call him the greatest film maker of all time , he is my sentimental favorite and probably always will be. The idea of another team effort between he and Tom Hanks was incredibly appealing as both of their previous collaborations (the stirring World War II epic Saving Private Ryan and the breezy Catch Me if You Can ) were outstanding. Reading This week : JACK : Straight from


HEY its Sunday fever work to office to go...just to roam and movies..meeting friends...... So me and suresh went out to see the film LAKSHYA in Mulund,R-Mall. this was our 4th film in R-MALL. The Film all in all is value for money. The Scenic views of Indo Pak border at Siachin and Kargil Hills were too good to describe.Awsome Camera Movments , I like the direction too. Intensely individualistic and pioneering in its fusion of a social conscience with fiction, "Lakshya" takes us to Kargil...slowly and deliberately. you realise nothing is by chance in this film about finding one's metier in life. "Lakshya" takes us through one man's journey into finding a purpose in life. The punctuation marks, like Hrithik's subtle, shaded performance, are discernible in the way Farhan Akhtar glides in and out of situations so wonderfully created in Javed Akhtar's screenplay. For a film about an inner battle and an on-location wa

Saturday Sleep

Because of yesterday sleepless night,I slept today morning at 7.30 till 10.30 when Siddarth/Avinash leave the room to office.Again slept 2nd phase till 1 pm when Suresh called me up for the Lunch.Had our lunch at Bhojanalaya, had also choko-bar Ice stomach cool...went back to home and slept again till 7pm,when Avinash return back to room. After such a plesent sleep feel relax a little. Suresh booked ticket for the film LAKSHYA at R-MALL MULUND for tomorrow. Hope a good Movie as directed by One of my favorite movies, DIL CHAHATA HAI , director FARAN AKTAR. Current Mood : "Refresh" Current Mood: "Tum Itna jo Muskura rahe ho"

Friday .sleepless

Day went as usual but one of the bussiest day. Started with the AICC Compliance of Course ,donr some tweeking work on the CSS implementation in the HTML pages. Extensive javascript is used for the Project with near about more than 40 functions wrote. Evening the final uploads is to be done for TOL , and there are 103 FLA and SWF files to be uploaded to the FTP folder,which aggregates to 649 MB. A new Server is been installed at the ISP end for only the uploads/downloads. So it was the first experiment. All went fine and the files were uploaded to the folder within arroung 4 hours. But to the missery all the files get currupt at the FTP site. Dammit something goes wrong from the ISP end from where we uploaded the whole files. While the Client is online through out the whole night I had uploaded all the SWFs again and only 7 FLA files till mornning 6am. Get back to home at 6.30. Current Mood: "SLEEEEEPEEEEE" Current Song :" Kahin door jab din dhal jaye"


Saturday : with three of the freinds I went to see Govind Nihlani directed DEV,starring Big B ,Kareena kapoor,Om puri and Feroz khan. Not to the expectation from a director like Nihalani in the commercial bar, its more like a art film where u can get the touch of mid 80's Tamas.A Nihalani film isn't easy to watch. "Dev" raises even more complex issues than "Ardh Satya" about the politicisation of the police force and "Drohkaal" on the politics of terrorism. It talks about the isolation of the Indian Muslim in the post-Gujarat scenario when even secularists turned partisan, rendering the ountry's law machinery into a den of horrific violence. Started scheduling my work before I leave for home next month, I bought a reliance cell with LG 2130 handset ,all because of the roaming facilities in it.had dinner at Tirupati Prasad get back to our respective rooms. Sunday: Morning woke up late and with Suresh went to Belapur railway station

prank Friday:::

Woke up at 7.30 am. fresh up and had bath . By 9 am ready for office. On the way at station had Idly-wada in breakfast. Reach office at rigt time today... the AndersonDAvis AICC Project continued... with the use of javascript and iframes. Hmmm palyed a prank with PM and it worked out fine. How come people doesnt recognise their own desktop ...ha ha ha .. realy luv to see it. Wish Vicky for his birthday tyomorrow.reactivated our group messages which were bouncing for two days. Current Song: "neele neele amber per" Current mood: "usualll"


IT was Suni,s birthday on 7th then Cilu birthday Today and tomorrow Lucy Birthday. Cilu is in train while returning from Manipur. Three continuous Birthdays..still to come are Viky and Jitu 's Birthday on 12th and 13th June respectively. Reach office at 9.40am, had my breakfast, and on to the Project Desk, had to clarify further R & D on the AICC Compliance. Current Song: "Kisi ki Muskurahatoon pe hoo nisar" Current Mood: "Living.."


Woke up late in the morning..It was around 10am. Siddharth and Mohan got ready for Bandra to meet Abhiram. I was not feeling well with a little fever and severe Neck Pain. Extremely Sorry for that. Felt bored the whole day and watched "Black Hawk Down (2001)" The true story of the United States' involvement in Somalia during an ill-fated humanitarian mission . On October 3, 1993, U.S. soldiers entered Somalia on an exercise that was supposed to take less than an hour. The mission turned into a nightlong battle against thousands of heavily armed Somalians. Eighteen U.S. soldiers and more than 500 Somalians were killed as a result of this conflict. At around 7pm Abhiram called me near the station where we met and had one hour talk, with soft drink, he left for Lonawala at 8pm. Current Song: " Yahan ke ham Sikandar..from JJWS" Current Mood: "refreshed"

Trip Cancelled

The awaited Trip of Matheran Trekking is cancelled, Suresh make a disappearing act without letting anyone of us knowing it, Jayan with his workload...and finally the Heavy rains in the Matheran Hill make us to declare the Trip Cancelled.  Went to see the Film HARRY POTER Part III at IMAX-DOME but Bad Luck again congratulates us with the HOUSE FULL TAG.  Suresh get the ticket of AAN- The men on Work. The same Gangster vs Police Story on Mumbai.. Comeback to Vashi,  Went to Center One Plazza where Siddharth join us. Had Pizza-Veg-Delight at Pizza Hut before exit out of the Mall. \ Current Song : "Dil kya Kare.."  Current Mood: "Sleepy"

Abhiram's Mumbai Visit

Its a Good Time to Hear from Abhiram's voice in my cell.. wao . After 7 months I got the call and hint of his whereabouts.  It was 10pm when he called up from Lonawala, and ask me to make it sure that on sunday we will meet at some place in BANDRA. which is preferable as Pooja could also come.  But we are all set to Live at the early morning hours for Matheran,and hope that we all will return back till afternoon on Sunday. Ready for the Matheran Trip, had coordinated with Sohel, Godfrey, Suresh, Mohan, Jayan, Siddarth.

Greatest regrets

Its June first week ,the week which reminds me of one of the REGRETS I have, First I just got the news from home that my 8 year old Pet "Moti" died ....OH GOD why I am not there to see her, I saw her in November when I was at home, so much innocent ,Every time I call home My mother call her and she starts barking innocently to the phone making me feel like she is telling come here come here.......ufff (Zindagi Kaisii hai Paheli???). I remember June 2nd 2001 morning , while I was in NEPAL,supposed to see the King Birendra, and On 1st of MIDNIGHT he with his 7 family member died in the bloodiest massacre. I was stunned to think of anything... Current Song: : "Koi Kahe keheta rahe..DIL CHAHATA HAI" Current Mood : "Shocked"